Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Math 271D  Spring 2018

  Meeting Times   T, R     11:40 - 12:55  in Kalkin 001
  Instructor   Prof. Daniel  Bentil
  Office   25 Colchester Avenue  (Mansfield House) Room 305
  Phone numbers   656 - 3832 (Office); 656 -2940 (Dept.)
  Text Advanced Engineering Mathematics: Zill, Dennis G. (6th Edition)   (Required)
  Material Chapters 1 - 5, 10, 11
  Prerequisite   Prerequisite: Calculus, Linear Algebra or Permission of Instructor
  Office Hours   Tuesdays 2:45 - 4:00pm
    Other times: By appointment only.
WebAssign Homework 250 points 25%
3 Midterm Exams and Quiz 600 points 60%
Project Work 150 points 15%
 Midterm Exams: 03/08/18; 04/12/18;  04/26/18
Lectures & Guidelines

This is a course on Advanced Engineering Mathematicss and it is in three parts. The first part will cover Ordinary Differential Equations. The second part will focus on Vectors, Matrices and Vector Calculus, and the third part will cover Systems of Differential Equations. It is assumed that students have studied undergraduate calculus, some linear algebra (or, at least, heard about it). More specifically, a selection topics from the following areas will be studied:

I.   Introduction to Differential Equations
II.  First and Higher Order Ordinary Differential Equations
III. LaplaceTransform Method
IV  Series Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
V.  Vectors, Matrices and Vector Calculus (Review)
VI. Systems of Linear and Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations

The purpose of our class meetings is to help you obtain the core material that will allow you to learn through your own work outside the classroom. Therefore, an essential part of your positive learning process is to look for additional information from the library and other sources namely, my office hours.

Three short projects/labwork will be assigned. Homework will be assigned using the "Enhanced WebAssign: Cengage Learning" system. To Enroll in WebAssign for the online homework, please use the following Class Key: uvm 3499 2025. Note that the class key starts with an institution code, followed by two sets of four digits.

Students with Special Needs: Students with documented learning disabilities are entitled by law to certain “reasonable accommodations.” If you have a documented reason for special accommodations, you must provide written evidence of this as soon as possible from the appropriate office. No accommodations can or will be given without the requisite documentation.

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