Travels with Holly Puterbaugh, Part II

In March, 2001, I traveled to Iceland with my friend, Glenn White.  It was a last minute "Spring Vacation lark," but we had a wonderful time.  We left Boston on Sunday, March 17, and landed in Keflavik at day-break on Monday.  We stayed at the Hotel Loftleider in Reykjavik.  The weather was great--temperatures in the 30's (Fahrenheit) and most sunny.  This was especially nice since I had left a very snowy northern Vermont.

On Monday we wondered around Reykjayvik.  The city, like the rest of the country, is very clean.  I got very excited when we saw crocuses in bloom.  Most of the country is heated using geothermal sources, so heat is very inexpensive.  Many of the stores left their doors open.  This gave the city a very welcoming feeling.  Also, there are no insects.
        Pictures from Reykjavik

On Tuesday, we took a 10 hour bus tour with Reykjavik Excursions.  We traveled along the south shore of Iceland.  The countryside was brown since we were in very early Spring and the grass had not yet started to green.
        Icelandic Ponies
        South Shore Waterfalls

On Wednesday, we took another tour, this time along the Reykjanes peninsula.  The highlight of the trip was a swim in the Blue Lagoon.  This is a pool of mineral rich geothermal sea water.  It was a surreal experience to swim outdoors in near freezing air temperatures.  There was steam coming off the water that would move around in the breezes.  Occasionally we could see the lava fields and mountains in the background.  The lifeguards wore ski outfits, including hats and gloves.  The water was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it was delightful.
        The Blue Lagoon
        Along the Shore

We flew home Wednesday afternoon/evening.  I arrived in Burlington just as snow began to fall.  We received over a foot of snow before it quit.  I returned from Iceland to "an icy land."

I want to go back!

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