Handbook of Combinatorial Designs

Table of Contents

Part I: Balanced Incomplete Block Designs and t-Designs (pp. 3 - 96)

  1. 2-(v, k, \lambda ) Designs of Small Order (Rudolf Mathon, Alexander Rosa):
  2. BIBDs with Small Block Size (R. Julian R. Abel, Malcolm Greig):
  3. t-Designs, t \geq 3 (Donald L. Kreher):
  4. Steiner Systems (Charles J. Colbourn, Rudolf Mathon):
  5. Symmetric Designs (Tran van Trung):
  6. Resolvable and Near Resolvable Designs (R. Julian R. Abel, Steven C. Furino):

Part II: Latin Squares, MOLS, and Orthogonal Arrays (pp. 97 - 184)

  1. Latin Squares (Charles J. Colbourn, Jeffrey H. Dinitz):
  2. Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares (MOLS) (R. Julian R. Abel, Andries E. Brouwer, Charles J. Colbourn, Jeffrey H. Dinitz):
  3. Incomplete MOLS (R. Julian R. Abel, Charles J. Colbourn, Jeffrey H. Dinitz):
  4. Orthogonal Arrays of Index More Than One (Charles J. Colbourn):
  5. Orthogonal Arrays of Strength More Than Two (J\"urgen Bierbrauer, Charles J. Colbourn):

Part III: Pairwise Balanced Designs (pp. 185 - 228)

  1. PBDs and GDDs: The Basics (Ronald C. Mullin, Hans-Dietrich O.F. Gronau):
  2. PBDs: Recursive Constructions (Ronald C. Mullin, Hans-Dietrich O.F. Gronau):
  3. PBD-Closure (Frank E. Bennett, Hans-Dietrich O.F. Gronau, Alan C.H. Ling, Ronald C. Mullin):
  4. Pairwise Balanced Designs as Linear Spaces (Hans-Dietrich O.F. Gronau, Ronald C. Mullin, Christian Pietsch):
  5. PBDs and GDDs of Higher Index (Ronald C. Mullin, Hans-Dietrich O.F. Gronau):
  6. PBDs, Frames, and Resolvability (Ronald C. Mullin, Hans-Dietrich O.F. Gronau):

Part IV: Other Combinatorial Designs (pp. 229 - 516)

  1. Association Schemes (Christopher D. Godsil):
  2. Balanced (Part) Ternary Designs (Thomas Kunkle, Dinesh G. Sarvate):
  3. Balanced Tournament Designs (Esther R. Lamken):
  4. Bhaskar Rao Designs (Warwick de Launey):
  5. Complete Mappings and Sequencings of Finite Groups (Donald Keedwell):
  6. Configurations (Harald Gropp):
  7. Costas Arrays (Herbert Taylor):
  8. Coverings (Douglas R. Stinson):
  9. Cycle Systems (C.A. Rodger):
  10. Difference Families (R. Julian R. Abel):
  11. Difference Matrices (Charles J. Colbourn, Warwick de Launey):
  12. Difference Sets: Abelian (Dieter Jungnickel, Alexander Pott):
  13. Difference Sets: Nonabelian (Ken W. Smith):
  14. Difference Triangle Sets (Charles J. Colbourn):
  15. Directed Designs (Frank E. Bennett, Alireza Mahmoodi):
  16. D-Optimal Matrices (Hadi Kharaghani):
  17. Embedding Partial Quasigroups (C.C. Lindner):
  18. Equidistant Permutation Arrays (Alireza Mahmoodi, Paul J. Schellenberg):
  19. Factorial Designs (Deborah J. Street):
  20. Frequency Squares (Charles F. Laywine):
  21. Generalized Quadrangles (Stanley E. Payne):
  22. Graph Decompositions and Designs (Katherine Heinrich):
  23. Graphical Designs (Yeow Meng Chee):
  24. Hadamard Matrices and Designs (R. Craigen):
  25. Hall Triple Systems (Lucien Beneteau):
  26. Howell Designs (Jeffrey H. Dinitz):
  27. Maximal Sets of MOLS (Anthony B. Evans):
  28. Mendelsohn Designs (Eric Mendelsohn):
  29. The Oberwolfach Problem (Brian Alspach):
  30. Ordered Designs and Perpendicular Arrays (J\"urgen Bierbrauer):
  31. Orthogonal Designs (Jennifer Seberry, R. Craigen):
  32. Orthogonal Main Effect Plans (Deborah J. Street):
  33. Packings (Douglas R. Stinson):
  34. Partial Geometries (Joseph A. Thas):
  35. Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs (Deborah J. Street, Anne Penfold Street):
  36. Quasigroups (Frank E. Bennett):
  37. Quasi-Symmetric Designs (Mohan S. Shrikhande):
  38. (r, \lambda )-designs (G.H. John van Rees):
  39. Room Squares (Jeffrey H. Dinitz):
  40. Self-Orthogonal Latin Squares (SOLS) (L. Zhu):
  41. SOLS with a Symmetric Orthogonal Mate (SOLSSOM) (Norman J. Finizio):
  42. Sequences with Zero Autocorrelation (Christos Koukouvinos):
  43. Skolem Sequences (Nabil Shalaby):
  44. Spherical t-Designs (Stuart G. Hoggar):
  45. Starters (Jeffrey H. Dinitz):
  46. Trades and Defining Sets (Anne Penfold Street):
  47. (t,m,s)-Nets (Charles J. Colbourn):
  48. Tuscan Squares (Hong-Yeop Song, Jeffrey H. Dinitz):
  49. t-Wise Balanced Designs (Earl S. Kramer):
  50. Uniformly Resolvable Designs (Peter Danziger, Peter Rodney):
  51. Vector Space Designs (Dijen K. Ray-Chaudhuri):
  52. Weighing Matrices and Conference Matrices (R. Craigen):
  53. Whist Tournaments (Ian Anderson):
  54. Youden Designs, Generalized (Charles J. Colbourn):
  55. Youden Squares (Donald A. Preece):

Part V: Applications (pp. 517 - 586)

  1. Codes (Vladimir D. Tonchev):
  2. Computer Science: Selected Applications (Charles J. Colbourn):
  3. Applications of Designs to Cryptography (K. Gopalakrishnan, Douglas R. Stinson):
  4. Derandomization (K. Gopalakrishnan, Douglas R. Stinson):
  5. Optimality and Efficiency: Comparing Block Designs (Deborah J. Street):
  6. Group Testing (Charles J. Colbourn):
  7. Scheduling a Tournament (Jeffrey H. Dinitz, Esther R. Lamken, Walter D. Wallis ):
  8. Winning the Lottery (Charles J. Colbourn):

Part VI: Related Mathematics and Computational Methods (pp. 587 - 740)

  1. Finite Groups and Designs (Leo G. Chouinard II, Robert Jajcay, Spyros S. Magliveras):
  2. Number Theory and Finite Fields (Hugh Williams):
  3. Graphs and Multigraphs (Gordon F. Royle):
  4. Factorizations of Graphs (Lars D. Andersen):
  5. Strongly Regular Graphs (Andries E. Brouwer):
  6. Two-Graphs (Edward Spence):
  7. Classical Geometries (Albrecht Beutelspacher):
  8. Projective Planes, Nondesarguesian (Marialuisa J. de Resmini):
  9. Computational Methods in Design Theory (Peter B. Gibbons):

Index (pp. 741 - 753)

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