Documentation for the Program

The Key:
This lets you know what color the fire is, the firefighters are, and what the color of the original vertex to burn is.

The Buttons:
1.    No Grid: means that you do not want to see the grid at all
Will not be used for square grids at all because they are too big
2.    Show Grid: means that you want to see the grid
Can be used for square grids only
3.    Next time interval: you want to see the firefighters protect the grid and next you want to see the fire spread
If you click next an extra time after the grid has been completely protected, the number of vertices burned is displayed.
4.    Clear: you want to start the fire somewhere else

5.     Run continuous: allows one to not keep hitting the next interval button for square grids

The Checkboxes:
1.    Square: means that you would like to see what happens when you are in the plane
In this case, text will show up below the checkbox and say that you need to enter the number of time intervals you want to start protecting the grid after

Only need to enter time interval information
2.    Rectangle: Here we deal with the plane in which the top and bottom of the grid are protected by some type of barrier whether it is a river or something else
If you want a rectangle, text will show up below the checkbox asking you to enter the number of columns and rows you want the rectangle to have
Note: you will want a large amount of columns in order for two fire walls to be built
Only need to enter in number of column and row sizes

In order to run the program, you must click on rectangle or square, whichever option you would like. Then type in the specified information.

Browser needs:

1. Using Internet Explorer, the latest Java Runtime Plug in is needed. Here is a site that has it: download

2. Netscape seems to have no problem running the Java applet


Use Applet