Handbook of Combinatorial Designs, Second Edition

New Results

This page contains new results in the area of combinatorial designs that have occurred since the publication of the Handbook of Combinatorial Designs, Second Edition in November 2006. For the new results page of the First Edition of the Handbook, click here. This page is maintained by Jeff Dinitz.

The results given on this page are results that improve upon a currently existing table entry or theorem in the Handbook of Combinatorial Designs. We give the result and the page number of the table or theorem where it would occur in the Handbook. We also give the name (and e-mail address) of the mathematician who has reported the new result and the date it was put on this page.

Please help us keep this page up-to-date. Send your new results to either of the editors for inclusion on this page. Remember that the criterion for inclusion is that the result must improve upon a result currently given in the Handbook.

We do not accept responsibility for the correctness of these results. Please contact the person who has reported the result to obtain more information.

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Part I: Introduction (pages 1-22)

Part II: Block Designs (pages 25-132)

Part III: Latin Squares, (pages 133-228)

Part IV: Pairwise Balanced Designs (pages 229-270)

Part V: Hadamard Matrices and Related Designs (pages 271-322)

Part VI: Other Combinatorial Designs (pages 323-674)

Part VII: Related Mathematics (pages 675-880)

Bibliography (pages 883-966)

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