Index of photos

This is a picture of Sue and I that was taken at Mad River in Fall 1998.

Here a photo of Arnold Ross, my father (Sy Dinitz) and me at our house just after I got my Ph. D from The Ohio State University in 1980.

Here a photo of Mike and me taken from the top of Mount Marcy in the summer of 1999.

In February 1999, My friend Dave Curland and I went skiing in Utah. Here is a photo of us enjoying the sights at Alta. Here is an action shot of me skiing some powder, also at Alta.

In May 1999, I went to the Canadian Math Society Conference in St. John's Newfoundland. This photo of Rolf Rees, Doug Stinson, Frank Bennett and me was taken at the easternmost spot in North America (just outside St. John's).

Here is a photo of Sue and me taken in 1999 at the 17 British Combinatorial Conference in Canterbury.

Back in an earlier life, I ran the New York City Marathon in 1978 and 1979. Here is a photo of me and my friend Jeff Ungar at about the 14 mile mark.

Ok it's true -- I was a hippie in the 1970's. Here is a photo of me in my full hair glory, probably taken in about 1973.

Here is very rare photo of me without a beard . This photo was taken in my room in graduate school probably in 1975.

This is a picture of Mike, Amy and Tommy on the first day of school in September 2000.

This is a picture of our house taken in Fall 1996. This is the view from our house looking south.

In the winter of 2001 we took a family ski trip to Whistler B.C. Here is a photo of Amy skiing there in a place called Harmony Bowl (it's steep!). Here is a photo of the kids at the Blackcomb Glacier.

Peter Gibbons took this photo of me on my sailboat on Lake Champlain.

In November 2000, Esther Lamken, Charlie Colbourn and I organized a special week long workshop at MSRI in Berkeley, titled "Emerging Applications of Combinatorial Designs". Here is the conference photo.

Dalibor Froncek and I did go to the XFL championship game in LA in April 2001 (The Million Dollar Game). This is a us at the game in the LA Coliseum. This is Dalibor and I in my office working on the schedule for the XFL.

Here is a photo of me working on a woods trail at Mad River in Sept. 2001. Looking at it it is hard to believe that we actually ski that trail -- but we do!

In the winter of 2003 Doug Stinson came to Vermont for ski visit. Here is a photo of us at the top of Mad River Glen on a beautiful February day.

Here is a photo of Sue and I taken at Roger Cooke's retirement dinner in May 2003.

This is a picture of Amy, Sue, Tom and I taken just after Amy's hign school graduation.

In June 2003, Dave Curland (at the ripe age of 46) graduated from medical school. I was flattered to be asked to hood him at the commencement ceremony. Here is a photo of the two of us right after the ceremony.

Here is a photo of our Math Department softball team in the summer of 2003, the Eulers.

This is Alan Ling and Gennian Ge and me at the whiteboard in the CS Department in February 2004.

In March 2004, I had a great ski trip to Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows in California. My friends Len and Nia Fishler have a condo at the base of Alpine and we had a blast! Click here for an index of some of the better photos from this trip.

In April 2004, I spent the entire month in Ghana. I saw quite a lot of the country during this unforgettable visit. I spent two weeks in Cape Coast giving a series of lectures at a math workshop at Cape Coast University. Click here for an index of some photos from Cape Coast.

Here is a photo of Dan and I taken in May 2004 in front of the math building.

Here is a great photo of Mike, Amy and Tom taken at Katie and Grant's wedding in Akron in June 2004

This is Tom's school photo in 2004.

Here is picture of my family taken on Central Park West just moments after the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in November 2004.

In April 2005, I was an invited speaker at a combinatorics conference honoring Reinhard Laue's 60th birthday which was held in a castle in a little town in Germany called Thurnau. I actually stayed right in the castle. Here is a photo of Eric Mendelsohn and I standing in front of a lake with the castle behind us.

Here are a few photos from Mike's graduation from Princeton in June 2005. (Mike, me and Sue) (Mike and Sue), (Mike Amy and Tom)

This photo was taken in St. Andrews N.B. of Sue, Jeff, Mara and Dan and a mountie. We were all celebrating our 25th anniversary.

In February 2006, Tom and I went to Utah to ski. Here we are at Alta.

In April 2006, I was an invited speaker at a combinatorics conference held in Tehran, Iran. Here is a photo of me and some (female) graduate students who were attending the conference (my harem??). Here is the group photo of all the invited speakers. Here is a picture of the only three Americans who attended the conference, Rick Wilson, Qing Xiang and me (it is funny that we are all Ohio State Ph.D's).

In November 2006, we had a family reunion in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate my father's 80th birthday. Here is a link to a page of photos from that event.

Here is a photo of Adam Wolfe and I taken in May 2007. Adam was a postdoc here during 2006-2007 before starting work for the "Government".

In July 2007, I went with my old buddies Mike Grossman and Jeff Ungar on a 4 day kayaking trip to Pictured Rocks National Seashore on Lake Superior. What a beautiful place!! Here are some photos.

In November, 2008, I attended a design theory workshop at the Banff Internation Research Station (BIRS). It was organized by Esther Lamken and Peter Dukes. Here is photo of Charlie Colbourn, Alan Ling and I near Bow Falls. Here is the group photo.. We hiked up Tunnel Mountain (actually just a hill) -- here is the hiking party.

In May 2009, my niece Marissa had her Bat Mitzvah. Here are some of the photos.

In July 2009, I attended the British Combinatorics Conference in St. Andrews Scotland. Here I am in front of the beach there where they shot that famous running scene from the movie Chariots of Fire and here is a photo of some golfers teeing off at the 1st hole of the "Old Course" at St. Andrews. Here is a photo of the bicycle I rented in Edinburgh. It is a folding bike since I hadn't thought to reserve a real one a head of time -- it runed out just fine -- it was a nice bike.

In August, 2009, I was the outside evaluator for a Ph.D. thesis defense at the Helsinki University of Technology ( I was called the "opponent"). They have very formal rules in Finland about how the defense works; we had to march in in a prescribed order, speak in a prescribed order and we all had to dress in white tie and tails. Here is a photo of us (that's the advisor, Patric Ostergard, on the left, and the student Olli, in the middle and I'm the distinguished looking guy on the right:). Here are a few more photos: me asking a question ; here I'm addressing Ollie at the end of the questioning; and here I am on the balcony of my hotel room in downtown Helsinki (that's the central train station below right). (Thanks to Mahdad Khatirinejad for these photos).

In October 2009, we attended the dedication of the "Simon Dinitz Library and Conference Room" at Ohio State. This room is in the center of Townsend Hall, the fourth oldest building at Ohio State which was recently renovated and now houses the Sociology Department. Here is a photo of our family and Gordon Gee (the President of Ohio State) at a banquet that we attended at his house in honor of the occassion.

Also in October 2009, Sue and I went to Carnegie-Mellon University to visit Mike (and sort of attend my 35th college renion). Here is picture of Mike and me in front of the beautiful new Bill Gates Building (he has an office in it) and here's a shot of the apartment house on Sumerlea that Len and I lived in our senior year at CMU (in 1974).

Here is a shot of Amy and I at Mad River in 2010.

In June 2010, I went to a conference in Korfu -- a beautiful Greek island. Here is a photo of me on the moped I rented (pretty funny photo -- I think:-). Here is a photo of me and my good friend Dalibor Froncek. This is the view from my balcony. Pretty sweet!

White water rafting on the New River in West Virginia in June 2010 with Mike Dinitz, Mike and Ben Grossman and Jeff Ungar (and some other random guy).

A photo of Sue and I on a bike ride in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Here's Tom and Sue on a bike ride in Vermont.

In October 2011, I finally got a chance to get together with Tom Johnson -- the composer of Vermont Rhythms. We gave a joint talk at the Colloque Mutations des Avant-Gardes" in Montreal. His part was given in French, mine in English. It was a very interesting experience.

Photos from our great bicycle trip around Vermont (Springfield to Caanan to St. Albans to Hinesburg) with Patrick Swan Dynes, Ned Getchell and David Ellenbogen in July 2012. 370 miles in 7 days -- over 28 hours in the saddle. We saw some beautiful sights -- Vermont really is special. Luckily we were all in good shape since it was definitely a challenge -- we hit a few really big hills, some heat, some rain and only one flat tire -- but we handled it all.. Note the absence of cars on the road. In general we were very far off the beaten track.

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