Preprints of Jeff Dinitz

  1. J.H. Dinitz, D.R. Stinson and L. Zhu, On the spectra of certain classes of Room frames.
  2. J.H. Dinitz and E.R. Lamken, HOPs and COPs: Frames with partitionable transversals
  3. J.H. Dinitz and E.R. Lamken, Room Square Patterns
  4. C.J. Colbourn, J.H. Dinitz, D.R. Stinson, Quorum Systems Constructed from Combinatorial Designs
  5. J.H. Dinitz and N. Shalaby, Block Disjoint Difference Families for Steiner Triple Systems: v= 3 mod 6
  6. C.J. Colbourn, J.H. Dinitz, D.R. Stinson, Applications of Combinatorial Designs to Communications, Cryptography, and Networking
  7. C.J. Colbourn, J.H. Dinitz, Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares: A Brief Survey of Constructions
  8. I. Anderson, J. Dinitz, C. Rodger, and B. Webb, Combinatorics in Undergraduate Courses
  9. P. Dukes and J. Dinitz, New lower bounds on the Maximum number of mutually orthogonal Steiner triple systems
  10. J. Dinitz and M. Dinitz, Enumeration of balanced tournament designs on 10 points
  11. J.H. Dinitz and D.R. Stinson, On the maximum number of different ordered pairs of symbols in sets of latin squares
  12. J.H. Dinitz, Designing schedules for leagues and tournaments
  13. J. Dinitz and P. Dukes On the structure of uniform one-factorizations from starters in finite fields
  14. J.H. Dinitz, A.C.H. Ling D.R. Stinson, Fault tolerant routings with minimum optical index
  15. J.H. Dinitz, A.C.H. Ling D.R. Stinson, Perfect hash families from transversal designs

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