Math 141

Course Syllabus

Class meeting times: Tu - Th 11:40 – 12:55 in Perkins 200
Instructor: Professor Jeff Dinitz
Office: Room 206, Mansfield House
Office phone: 656-4292

The best way to contact me is via email at

Website U.R.L.:

Textbook: Analysis: with an introduction to proof (5th Ed.), by Steven R. Lay.
We will cover most of the material in Chapters 2-5 and maybe some of Chapters 8 or 9.

Office Hours: MWF 1:00 – 2:00 and Tu Th 10:30 –11:30.   Also available by appointment.

Last Day to Add/Drop without instructor’s permission: Sept. 1.

Add/Drop Deadline  Sept 11
Last day to Withdraw: Oct 30


Homework: There will be daily homework assignments. These are due at the assigned date at the beginning of the class.  They should be written up nicely. Collaboration on homework is both allowed and encouraged - discussing solutions to mathematics problems is one of the best ways to learn mathematics. Any work submitted must be your own and honest - for example, you must write up your own solutions and be prepared to publicly defend in class any solution you submit. Any joint work should be acknowledged explicitly. Solutions simply copied from some other source without attribution are intellectually dishonest and can be the grounds for dismissal.

The following is UVM policy: Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester students should submit in writing to their instructors by the end of the second full week of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. Faculty must permit students who miss work for the purpose of religious observance to make up this work.

All handouts will be available on the Math 141 Web page at:

Codes of conduct: Codes of conduct outline student rights, policies, and the procedures the University will follow if a student is allegedly involved in a policy violation: Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and Code of Academic Integrity and tons of other policies.

Also, please turn off all cell-phones, smart-phones, pagers, ipods, laptops, netbooks, tablets and any other electronic doodads during the class.

No texting in class!!

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