Math 21, Section G

Course Syllabus

Class meeting times: MWF 2:20 – 3:10 in Votey207 and Thursday 2:50 – 4:05 in Votey 205

Instructor: Professor Jeff Dinitz
Office: Room 206, Mansfield House
Office phone: 656-4292


The best way to contact me is via email at

Course Description: Introduction to calculus of functions of one variable including: limits, continuity, techniques and applications of differentiation and integration.

Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals, (8th Edition)  by James Stewart.

You will need an access code for Enhanced WebAssign online homework, which includes access to the eBook version of the text.  The access code can be purchased with or without a hardcopy textbook;  note that only the access code is required.


Minimum requirement:   Calculus - Enhanced WebAssign & eBook Access Code Only.   ISBN 1-285-85826-3


If you would like a printed textbook in addition to the homework access and eBook, choose the following bundle

instead of the minimum requirement described above:

            Calculus: Early Transcendentals with Access Code, 8th Edition, Stewart.  ISBN 1-305-59762-1

This includes an access code for online homework and the eBook, and a hardcover textbook.


We will cover most of the material in Chapters 2-6 of the book.

Office Hours: MWF 1:00 – 2:00 and TuTh 10:30 –11:30. Also available by appointment. I am in my office much of the time so I'm sure we can find a time to meet.

Help Sessions: Help Sessions for students in Math 1 - 22 are held in the late afternoons during Fall and Spring semesters. The schedule is posted here when Help Sessions are running.    Also there is free peer tutoring at the Tutoring Center in Living/Learning.

Last Day to Add/Drop without instructor’s permission: Sept. 1.

Add/Drop Deadline  Sept 11
Last day to Withdraw: Oct. 30

Examinations and grading:

Homework: Following each section covered in the textbook, a homework assignment will be made available on-line via the Enhanced Webassign system. You will have until the next class period to complete this assignment. At the end of the semester, the average of all Webassign assignments will be determined. The Webassign website is at Here are the instructions on how to enroll in Webassign. Our Class Key is  uvm 6964 7278. We will also have some Mathematica labs or assignments.

Computers: Your UVM netid account will log you into the machines in Votey 205. Using that account you will access the Mathematica software package which is fundamental to this class. You can/will use it in class and on your homework. This software is installed on all computers in labs in Votey and Perkins and can be installed on any personal computer you have access to (UVM has a site license for it). Request an activation key here.  If there is a lab where you plan on doing your homework and Mathematica is not installed on the machines in that lab, please notify me. There is lots of help available from the help menu in Mathematica and on the web.

The following is UVM policy: Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester students should submit in writing to their instructors by the end of the second full week of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. Faculty must permit students who miss work for the purpose of religious observance to make up this work.

Codes of conduct: Codes of conduct outline student rights, policies, and the procedures the University will follow if a student is allegedly involved in a policy violation: Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities  and Code of Academic Integrity. UVM has polices for everything -- check them out here.

Also, please turn off all cell-phones, smart-phones, pagers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and any other noise making doodads during the class. 

No texting in class!!