Math 351 Syllabus (Algebraic Number Theory) Fall 2017
MWF 1:10-2:00 in 322 Kalkin 

Instructor: Jonathan Sands, Room 406, 16 Colchester Ave. (Henry Marcus Lord House)
Reach me at: 656-4339 or
Office hours: MTW 3:30-4:45, F 11-12 and by appointment.
Or send me your question by email. No question is too small!

Goals: To learn the key methods and concepts of algebraic number theory through problem-solving.

Text:  "Number Fields" by Daniel A. Marcus. Other useful references are  "Problems in Algebraic Number Theory" by Murty and Esmonde."Algebraic Number Fields," by Janusz, "Commutative Algebra, Volume I," by Zariski and Samuel, and "Classical Theory of Algebraic Numbers," by Ribenboim.  For a more modern treatment, there is "Algebraic Number Theory" by Neukirch. For a high-level treatment, see "Algebraic Number Theory," edited by Cassels and Frohlich.  Some good online course notes have been made available by Matt Baker: 

Homework: Each student (usually pairs of students) will be assigned problems to be prepared to present. As many as possible will be presented in class. I am available to consult with you to be sure you are ready to present your problem.  The rest will be handed in on Mondays.

Final Assignment: There will be a final problem set during Final Exam week. 

Course Grades:  Homework will count 70%, presentations will count 10%  and the final assignment will count 20%.

Expectations: Please consult the Student rights and responsibilities section of the UVM catalog for the classroom code of conduct and policy on attendance.  The UVM academic integrity policy  is in effect, as always. In particular, always be sure to give proper attribution for work or ideas that are not your own.

Special Needs: If you are eligible and need an accomodation, please inform me and provide appropriate documentation during the first two weeks of class so that this can be implemented.